The Visionair’s story

Visionair is first and foremost a pool of experts, an innovative approach and an overflowing creativity to highlight the stories and values of each company we work with. Our intuition, our ability to anticipate and our foolproof imagination logically gave Visionair its name. Because achieving a vision requires clear ideas, action and a strong determination, the name Visionair was an obvious choice.

Our experience has allowed us to identify recurring needs and our desire to give e-commerce projects the scope they deserve quickly became our spearhead. Visionair is therefore a team of creative and strategic people who are constantly on the lookout for the master stroke that will help you make a difference.

The Visionair’s team

Visionair has several years of experience in the e-commerce trade and an expertise in best practices and digital technologies. Our team accompanies you to grow your project and give it the brand image it deserves. Strategy, design, development, marketing, data... We are present during each phase and we guarantee regular reports on our progress as well as the means implemented over the weeks. More than partners, we are the co-pilots of your digital growth.
Visionair was founded by Morgan. His technical approach and his knowledge of business development have enabled him to find innovative solutions and to meet the needs in fields such as luxury, retail and marketplaces. Liva and Victor were quickly seduced by the adventure to add their marketing and design touch.

Our team of experts :



UX/UI Designer delivering clean, creative and engaging experiences



E-commerce & IT Manager with experience delivering greenfield & replatforming projects for innovative brands!


Morgan Lacaisse

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